workshop by Richard Caddick

Understanding what people want: Using task models to improve the effectiveness of your product.

Day 1 - Wednesday, 1 Oct, 14:00 PM

Though task models are seldom used compared to other documents such as site maps and wireframes, I'm a huge fan and see them as one of the most important design documents we produce as part of the user-centred design process.

By uncovering how people do things and designing systems around how they behave, you ensure that people can complete their tasks and goals easily, leading to a more satisfying user experience - and better conversion for the business.

In "Communicating the User Experience" I identified a number of behaviour models that users adopt at different points in their journeys - these revolve around how people evaluate different elements in order to make a decision. Understanding these models help identify the correct approaches to the interaction design of the product.

Workshop outline

  • What a task model is
  • Why it's useful
  • Research techniques
  • What we've found out about people's behaviour
  • Real world examples of task models (from the travel, e-commerce, financial and automotive sectors), and the differences they've made to projects

Participants will leave the workshop armed with the ability to create their own task models and make a real difference to the projects that they are working on as well as a clear understanding of:

  • Why they should be using task modelling in their user centred design projects
  • What type of research they should be conducting
  • How to apply the results to create effective, high performing designs

The session will be in English language.

Speaker Info

Richard Caddick

Managing Director
cxpartners, United Kingdom

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