workshop by László Herczegh and Lekshmy Parameswaran

Toolstorming Workshop

Day 2 - Thursday, 2 Oct, 14:00 PM

 "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

As designers we need to take on different roles throughout the innovation process: coach, change maker, fly-on-the-wall, visualiser. This demands that we draw on a wide set of skills and inevitably a broad set of tools - tools to empathise with people from different cultures and societies, tools that translate rich data into fresh opportunities, tools that communicate new ideas and thinking in compelling ways.

At fuelfor, we design our toolkits to meet the different innovation challenges we face - to fit the client, topic, end users and project conditions. We tailor our toolkits because it forces us to challenge our own practice, evolve our skills and find better ways to design. It keeps us inspired and happy in the work that we do.

Drawing on our favourite case studies and related tools, and sharing best practices from around the world, we invite you to explore new tools for design.

Expect to

  • Reflect on the tools you currently use
  • Be inspired by others´ toolkits
  • Create ideas for new tools 
  • Reframe the way design tools can be used along the innovation journey
If this sounds like fun, we look forward to seeing you and your tools soon.

The session will be in English language.

Speaker Info

László Herczegh

Design director
fuelfor, Singapore

Lekshmy Parameswaran

Director of research and strategy
fuelfor, Singapore