workshop by Teo Ya Chih and Tan Liren


Day 1 - Wednesday, 1 Oct, 14:00 PM

Why do people wear masks during the haze period but not during SARS? Why do we keep holding back our resolution to exercise and eat healthy?

We think we make rational choices and are in control of our choices - but do we?

Based on fundamental concepts of behaviour science principles, this workshop aims to take a closer look at why people behave the way they do, the reasons that lie behind our seemingly irrational choices, and how to better deal with them.

Workshop outline

  • Do we really make rational choices? 
  • Why do we make the choices we make?
  • How do we design interventions to nudge behaviour?
Participants will learn

  • Basic behaviour science principles   
  • Basic skills on how to design interventions to nudge behaviour    
Who should attend

Anyone who is interested in exploring more about what behavioural science is about.    

The session will be in English language.

Speaker Info

Teo Ya Chih

Senior Manager
Ministry of Manpower, Singapore

Tan Liren

Industrial Designer
Alexandra Health Pte Ltd, Singapore

Presentation Slides