workshop by Ben Sykes

Innovation Games : Building innovative features & products using brainstorming games

Day 2 - Thursday, 2 Oct, 14:00 PM

Have you ever seen an innovative product or feature and think "Why didn't I think of that?" It's not always easy to coming up with innovative features or products. 

What if "thinking outside the box" is a skill rather than a talent? The good news is: Skills can be learned!  

In this workshop you'll have the opportunity to craft an original feature & product concept using multiple design gaming techniques. 

This workshop will be fast moving and group oriented.

Participants will learn

  • How to tap their own creativity under pressure
  • How to motivate a team in another direction
  • Find a creative solution to user or real world problems
  • Design game techniques that help break through stuck thinking   
Who should attend
Anyone interested in learning a few pragmatic techniques that drive creative ideas and product innovation.     

The session will be in English language.

Speaker Info

Ben Sykes

Independent Consultant
General Assembly, United States

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