workshop by Abhimanyu Kulkarni and Rahul Pradhan

Designing Spatial Experiences

Day 2 - Thursday, 2 Oct, 14:00 PM

From the first moment of approach to the last moment of interaction, our experience of space happens at various physical, psychological, emotional and sensorial levels.

Added to this is the complexity of contemporary environment, where the boundaries between physical and virtual are rapidly vanishing.

To create meaningful and memorable experiences today, a spatial designer needs to take on the role of a co-creator who pulls together multiple competencies, stakeholders and, most importantly, end users. 

Workshop outline

The workshop will start by setting the context with some inspirational examples and project examples. We will then share some simple tools used by Philips Design in spatial design.

The audience will next be invited to participate in small, fun exercises to test ride the tools. The session will end with feedback from the audience, some trigger questions from us and an open discussion on the future of spatial design.    

Participants will learn

Awareness of spatial design practices and tools.    

Who should attend

The content of the session is simple enough to engage: 

  • General audience
  • Industry professionals
  • Design practitioners from other competencies

The session will be in English language.

Speaker Info

Abhimanyu Kulkarni

Creative Director
Philips Design, India

Rahul Pradhan

Senior Art Director
Philips Design, India

Presentation Slides