workshop by Joshua Teo and Mark Wee

Designing Beautiful and Authentic Experiences

Day 1 - Wednesday, 1 Oct, 14:00 PM

A changing world demands a new kind of design solution. What if we could design spaces that made life better for people?

We would have to go beyond just designing beautiful physical environments to creating integrated experiences that focused on life and people. We would then be able to achieve something more than aesthetics and function. We would be able to truly make impact and bring about transformation.

Workshop outline

In this workshop, we will be sharing a selection of the work we have done to show how an integrated approach to designing spaces has inspired better user experiences for our clients. These cover a range from F&B, to retail, to private and public institutions that we had the privilege of working with.  We will then share some of the tools that we use at ONG&ONG Experience Design to create beautiful experiences.

The audience will then be invited to participate in some short fun exercises that will help them understand and better appreciate the values that are important to us in creating beautiful experiences. 

We will end the workshop by getting the audience to join us in re-thinking the idea of a conference, using some of the tools that they have learnt. 

Participants will learn

An appreciation for creating beautiful meaningful experiences that is based on empathy and a deep understanding of user needs.

Who should attend

We welcome everyone to join our workshop. But if you are an industry professional, a designer or someone who is looking for solutions for your business, you will find this workshop especially relevant and meaningful.

The session will be in English language.

Speaker Info

Joshua Teo

Senior Design Manager, Experience Design
ONG&ONG, Singapore

Mark Wee

Director, Experience Design
ONG&ONG, Singapore