lightning talk by Nurgul Karadeniz

UX and Semantic Web: "Making the web more human""

Day 3 - Friday, 3 Oct, 09:30 AM

The capabilities of semantic technology create opportunities for UX professionals to take an active part in making the next generation of internet more human. We may come across projects that require us to design a smart search, automatically generated web pages or a smarter way to populate content for users interests. 

In order to deliver the best user experience, we need to understand the content, its relationships and the needs of users in order to serve the best results in a given situation. In my talk, I will discuss simple but crucial UX activities to structure information and make it available to users when and where they will be interested. 

I will address how user centred design could be at the heart of semantic developments by focusing on understanding users, data and the relationships between users and data.

Join my talk to discuss:
  • what is involved in designing for the semantic web
  • what critical steps should UX practitioners should take as semantic web evolves into a global data space

Speaker Info

Nurgul Karadeniz

Co-founder and principal consultant
UX Thought, United Kingdom

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