lightning talk by Jonathan Easton

The MUDD Model - Marrying UX, Design and Development

Day 3 - Friday, 3 Oct, 11:00 AM

How often has it happened when UX strategies or designs created are not delivered to plan because of technological limitations or web developers not detailed enough to put in place all the UX requirements?

With product design and development processes extending beyond normal project cycles with agile methodologies, how can we ensure the UX research and objectives set in place at the start of the project be addressed throughout the project cycles without diffusing the impact of the UX design?

Working in a multidisciplinary team of designers, developers and product managers can sometimes increase the challenge of ensuring the impact of UX design is kept throughout the project life cycle. With that in mind, we put together a framework called the MUDD Model which provides UX practitioners with the ability to take UX research derived from strategies and testing from ideation to fruition.

Attendees will see for themselves and learn how they can make use of this simple framework model in their workplace to increase the UX involvement in the project team throughout an agile delivery process.

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Jonathan Easton

Creative Director

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