lightning talk by Lee Hyunju (Julee)

Innovating through design thinking

Day 3 - Friday, 3 Oct, 09:30 AM

Julee will share how her team is building innovations by embracing design led thinking culture. She believes that this is the most impactful, and the practical way of delivering delightful customer experience.
In her talk, she will cover the following topics with real examples from her works:

  • Design thinking led firms/companies and their practices
  • Step 1: Empathize – Bring deeper customer empathy
  • Step 2: Define - Think divergent and convergent
  • Step 3: Iterate & Learn
  • Step 4: Design & Deliver - Think big, start small.
  • Case studies

Speaker Info

Lee Hyunju (Julee)

‎User Experience Design Leader
Paypal, Singapore

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