lightning talk by Dan Szuc

Deeper understanding - stories, observations, insights

Day 3 - Friday, 3 Oct, 09:30 AM

Ever been on a project where you conduct interviews, get some answers but don't always know why you are asking specific questions, what it means or how it really relates to the context of the business? Where it feels like you are checking off questions, but not gaining any real value?

I have. Many times sadly.

So in this presentation, we will take a project example to:

  • Understand why planning is critical
  • Identify the people in the business who should be involved
  • Practice interviews
  • Capture stories
  • Move stories into observations
  • Group observations into insights, and
  • Identify what those insights may mean for the design of various artefacts at the customer, product/service and business layers
We will deconstruct each step and see what it means for our practice and fundamental skill sets we need to practice on an ongoing basis.

Speaker Info

Dan Szuc

Design Researcher
Apogee, Hong Kong

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