lightning talk by Kok Chiann

Applying Lean UX in Designing Enterprise Software from Ground Up

Day 3 - Friday, 3 Oct, 11:00 AM

UX practitioners are now required to navigate the sphere of endless great ideas from everyone, tight deadlines, rapid software releases and the pressure of competitors innovating every single day.

There are times when one will need to take a step back and assess whether or not you have the right UX process in place to effectively uncover insights and design better solutions.

In this Lightning Talk, I will share:

How our UX processes evolved over time from a team of one to eight – How UX worked from greenfield stages while the iconnect360 product was still in its infancy, to initial release and now required to scale and cope with the company’s exponential growth.

How and why we’re now running a Lean UX process – We went through a phase of testing, trialling various Lean UX and Agile Scrum principles before settling with the current UX process as part of our overall software development lifecycle. I will give an overview of this process which focuses on iterating towards the right design and drops unnecessary deliverables along the way.

Case studies on how features go through the Lean UX process - From ideation to concept to hi-fidelity prototypes, we used rapid research techniques to uncover insights and iterate on design before it was engineered, tested and released. 

Case studies include:

  • A crude persona enabling the Ezypay Secure Site to be designed, engineered and released in 3 months.
  • The story of designing the online bookings signup form – Ideation, iterative design and rapid research
  • How our major software release for direct debit bookings in iconnect360 had to be shelved due to the lack of user research earlier in the project.
  • How the lack of user research backfired, leading to the failed payment report requiring a complete redesign.

Speaker Info

Kok  Chiann

UX Manager
Ezypay & iconnect360, Malaysia

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