Day 1 programme snippets

UXSG | 28 Aug
Haven’t had the chance to review the UXSG 2014 programme? We bring you highlights of Day 1.

The Beauty & The Bank Keynote by Jin Zwicky

Beauty is human being’s most innate instinct. Beauty is the promise of happiness, a celebration of life. Why does beauty matter in the business, more so in banking? What are the traits of a beautiful business? And how can UX create more beauty in the business?

Jin Zwicky is a design strategist and practitioner, executing simplicity and beauty in financial services industry. She is currently the Vice President, Group Customer Experience at OCBC Bank, leading bank’s top priority initiatives for retail and premier banking businesses.

Find out more about Jin’s path to user experience.

Leading UX Keynote by Hsin Olive Eu

Taking charge of the user experience for a large organisation has never been easy. Who really drives the overall experience and makes the final decisions? This presentation will provide observations and analysis of real projects, explaining hard lessons learned and successes achieved by dedicated user experience professionals.

Hsin studied psychology & ergonomics with a focus on human-computer interaction in both Taiwan and the United States. Her career in product design and usability research began in the American financial industry, specializing in trading stocks and funds.

Find out more about Hsin’s extensive UX experience.

Lean Startup Workshop by Bryan Long

The Startup Testing Preview is a 3-hour workshop to help aspiring entrepreneurs understand what it’s like to test their ideas.

  • How to correctly identify a customer-problem pair for testing
  • How to find the weakest link in your startup idea that will cause it to fail
  • How to hack your tests for your startup using the concept of the Minimum Viable Product
  • How to figure out your customer acquisition strategy
  • How to prevent your biases from clouding your judgement
  • How to ask questions so that customers don’t lie to you
  • How to interpret your test results for the most learning possible
  • What to do if customers reject your startup idea
Bryan is the founder of The Testing Ground and President of the Association of Lean Startups which organises the Singapore Lean Startup Circle.

Find out more about Bryan and how he turned from Singapore Government scholar to entrepreneur.

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