Nurgul Karadeniz

Co-founder and principal consultant

UX Thought, United Kingdom

Nurgul is the co-founder and  principal consultant  of UX Thought. She is specialised in information architecture, interaction design and user research. She has created award winning products and services in digital news, interactive TV and e-commerce for companies such as the BBC, JP Morgan, Ustwo and the National Health Service (NHS).

She discovered her passion for User Experience whilst studying computer science at City University London. She subsequently did a masters in Human Computer Interaction at University College London where she stayed on to do further research with her professors.

Nurgul loves to work internationally, having worked on UX projects ranging from the United Kingdom to the Middle East through to Hong Kong. Currently Nurgul is consulting for a large financial institution in the United Arab Emirates. Outside of her day to day consulting, Nurgul loves to get involved with UX and service design communities, giving talks and participating in design jams. She is particularly passionate about using digital technologies to support learning and education programmes.

Nurgul will present or conduct

Lightning talk on Day 3 - Friday, 3 Oct, 09:30 AM

The capabilities of semantic technology create opportunities for UX professionals to take an active part in making the next generation of internet more human. We may come across projects that requi...

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