Kok Chiann

UX Manager

Ezypay & iconnect360, Malaysia

Kok Chiann is a User Experience Manager at iconnect360 & Ezypay. He leads the UX team in working across all aspects of product design and user research for enterprise products.

KC, as he is commonly known as, is the pioneer of the UX team at iconnect360 & Ezypay. From a UX team of one, he spearheaded the design of the iconnect360 membership software from ground up. The iconnect360 product was launched in 2012 and is currently in use by clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines.

KC now heads a dynamic team of seven and manages the design of the company’s two external cloud application plus one internal software application. To adapt to the company’s exponential growth, he has also successfully implemented Lean UX practices as part of the organisation’s Agile software development lifecycle.

KC abides by the following beliefs.

  1. Good usability is a minimum expectation.
  2. Effective product development process must be lean, iterative and adaptive to change.
  3. Costly solutions must be validated with users before further investments.
  4. Bad design is one of the biggest wastage in software projects.
  5. Users don’t know what they want until they see it.
KC is also a Microsoft MVP for the past 6 years and regularly speaks at technology events such as Tech.Ed, UX Malaysia and Webcamp.

Chiann will present or conduct

Lightning talk on Day 3 - Friday, 3 Oct, 11:00 AM

UX practitioners are now required to navigate the sphere of endless great ideas from everyone, tight deadlines, rapid software releases and the pressure of competitors innovating every single day. ...

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