lightning talk by Ashwin Anandani and Kristin Low

From interaction to impact: Connecting design with social outcomes.

Day 3 - Friday, 3 Oct, 11:00 AM

Managing the 'social layer' of designing for impact is the most unpredictable things to manage as an experience design practitioner. The most well designed product and service can completely unravel wherever people are involved and there are different, (often competing) agendas.

Navigating the social eco-system is a critical part of creating an impactful outcome, one that requires a special mode of understanding and a skill set that is more akin to diplomacy than UX.


  • An understanding of how to navigate the social eco-system when designing for impact
  • Lessons learned from the front line, using a real case study example.
  • How the role of the UX practitioner can extend well beyond products & services.

Speaker Info

Ashwin Anandani

Managing Director
On-off Design & Technology, Hong Kong

Kristin Low

On-off Design & Technology, Hong Kong

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